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At the Primary level (Classes I to V), our curriculum is geared towards equipping the children with basic knowledge, skills and attitudes in conformity with the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The core academic subjects, namely, two languages (Hindi and English), Mathematics, and Environmental Studies (combination of science and social studies) are taught through modern, child-centred methodologies with intensive usage of computer-aided learning. We have adopting and implementing innovative and child-centred teaching-learning approaches and strategies inside our classrooms.

At the Middle level (Classes VI to VIII) too, we adopt innovative methodologies to teach the 5 core academic subjects, namely, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences. We rely a great deal on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to make teaching-learning at this stage a process based on investigative, exploratory and analytical techniques. We give challenging assignments to students instead of the routine homework to inculcate in them the skills to work in groups and to reach out to the sources of learning with a keen and inquisitive mind and to present their findings in a cohesive, rational and systematic way, using facilitated tools such as multimedia and Microsoft Office. We abide by the ideals of the NCF at this level too.

At the Secondary (Classes IX and X) and the Senior Secondary (Classes XI and XII) levels, the academic programmes are determined by the CBSE and we implement them as per the norms laid down. For effective teaching-learning, we use tools extensively at these stages too. Problem solving, higher order thinking and acquisition of life skills are given top priority at this stage of school education.

Measurement and assessment of learning is done through CCE (Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation) system implemented nationwide by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for classes I to XII.



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