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Human creativity expresses itself in many shapes. Performing and fine arts are the traditional platforms for creativity. Aware of their potential in shaping up fine human beings, we lay special stress on these activities. 
The State of Uttar Pardesh has a rich tradition in music. In addition, young people of today are also getting exposed to and influenced by music happening at the global level . We at GIS understand and appreciate the role of music in school education and have set up facilities for learning it in the school. The school provides facilities for learning to play a variety of musical instruments and vocal music is taught to children inclined towards Indian classical music

Dance is basically an expression of joy and the young people of today are taking to dancing with renewed vigour . Whereas classical dance forms have their own place in the cultural heritage of India, we at GIS understand the range and scope of creative dance forms as they evolve through original choreographic movements or are the products of imaginative fusion. We provide facilities for learning both the classical and creative dance forms. We have allocated imaginative spaces for dancing in the school building and classical dances such as Kathak and Bharatanatyam and folk dances are taught by our professional teachers.
Art And Craft
Art is the manifestation of a childs creativity. Our young artists enjoy working with colours in a well-equipped art room which helps them express and further sharpen their aesthetic skills and sensibilities.
We organise a month-long Summer Camp during summer vacation in order to offer children the opportunity to channelise their energies into healthy pastimes, creativity and self-expression. The activities include swimming, specialised training in major games such as Cricket, Football and Basketball and other creative activities such as theatre, music, dance, drawing, painting, writing, verbal communication skills and personality grooming. However, a Summer Camp can be organised only if we have sufficient registrations for it to make it financially viable.
Summer Camp
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