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Information and communication technology has transformed the face of school education in the entire world. Traditional teaching-learning aids have turned obsolete overnight and have been replaced by computer-aided tools that make learning in any subject a truly enjoyable experience for the learner. With these tools at their disposal, teachers feel highly empowered and have started using them to great effect. 

Our teachers have been trained and oriented in the use of these technological tools and have already factored them into their classroom pedagogical approaches to make the process of teaching-learning effective.

From the beginning of the academic year 2011-12, we have set up seven 'Smart Classrooms' in collaboration with Extramarks Education Pvt Ltd, Delhi (NCR). Teachers have allocated sufficient time in their daily time-tables to make use of the facility in a systematic manner in the current academic year. From August 2011, all the 8 lecture rooms in the Senior Secondary Wing (Classes XI & XII) have been converted into Smart Classrooms. 8 Smart Classrooms are going to be ready in the Junior Wing (Classes PV to V) by the end of August 2011.



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